Yone’s best friend

20 01 2016

Padre Tirso is the family’s ‘spiritual guide’ (as Jorge likes to put it). We’ve known him for many years, since he first landed in the parish of Puerto de la Cruz. He and my father hit it off inmediately. He speaks many languages, fluent English among them, and so communication with my father was easy; this because of his many travels around the world as an Augustinian missionary. He was stationed in China, the Philippines, Africa… And he likes his whisky on the rocks. Just like my father.

Padre Tirso married us and baptized both Yone and Dácil.

And he comes to dinner every now and then.

It has always been Yone’s dream to be an altar boy. It’s like going on stage. A very solemn stage, but a stage nevertheless. And it keeps him occupied during mass, which we attend every Sunday with Ama. Up until recently there were no altar boys in the Puerto de la Cruz parish. But since the passing of the last parish priest (the boss, so to speak), things have changed, and altar boys were ’employed’. Yone was first on the list. After some rehearsals he was ready to perform. He is currently Padre Tirso’s private altar boy. There are several masses on Sunday with more than one altar boy present. But Yone is by himself. He helps Padre Tirso with his 10 o’clock mass, which is the one English spoken mass during the week. Two buddies together.

p.tirso y yone



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