Yone and Ama LOVE arepas

31 05 2016

Sunday is a classic morning with Ama. Jorge usually works in Santa Cruz, he leaves before dawn and doesn’t get home until 4 pm. I usually work in the afternoon, from 3 to 11 pm. So Ama, Yone, Dácil and I go to church at 10 am (Yone is the altar boy) and then we have lunch somewhere in town.

Arepas are one of our favourites. It’s a typical Venezuelan dish, a flat, round patty made of corn dough, filled with meat, vegetables, eggs, cheese… and plenty of avocado sauce. Sunday bliss…

arepas con ama


Dácil at the farm

31 05 2016

Dácil visited a local farm with her class. They did all sorts of activities: horseback riding, making their own bread, touching (or squeezing) new born chicks…

As Dácil’s interpreter Bea only comes to school 3 days a week, they try to plan outdoor activities on days when she can join them. Dácil is the only special needs student with an external person around. And so Bea joins in the fun.

This is listening to and touching the chicks:





And with Bea making bread and signing ‘pan’ (bread)