Yone has a phone

24 06 2016

He has been asking for one for over a year. We’ve been able to postpone… until today. We promised he could have one (my previous xperia ray, which still works perfectly) at the end of the schoolyear, so he could keep in touch with his classmates over the holidays. And next Monday he’s going on a 4 day schooltrip to Lanzarote (phones only allowed for an hour every day to say hello to parents). Now he can call us with his own phone.

I still think 11 is too young and that there is no point in having a phone when your parents drive you everywhere and keep up with appointments, dates and times. But everyone has a phone in his class. They have a whatsapp chat group… He and his friend Naser were the last of the phonelesshicans.

Anyhow… it feels like a new phase.

This is his whatsapp profile picture: