Yone loves books

26 07 2016

Yone loves books. But he doesn’t particularly like to read them. However, he loves to be read to. And so we read together. We have an agreement: if there’s a film too, we first read the book and them watch the film. We did this with 5 Harry Potters, now finishing a Dutch Thea Beckman book and after this one moving on to HP 6.

Kruistocht in spijkerbroek (crusade in jeans) was written in 1974. It was my first Thea Beckman novel and I read many more after this one. This is my copy, pages yellow and slightly worn.

Some time ago, Yone surprised me by remembering the last sentence we read from the previous chapter. We stopped reading and didn’t resume for at least some weeks… He still remembered the last sentence word by word.

There’s a film too. I haven’t seen it. I’m reluctant as this novel brings back so many images from my own reading experience when I was a teenager. I think we’ll skip the film.




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