Dácil on the road

14 08 2016

We’ve always done our travelling in a straight forward, no-nonsense kind of way. Before kids, after kids and even with Dácil.

For Dácil we have a long history of inventing al sorts of useful and not so useful stuff… We have at home many items of vague quality which we’ve tried and thrown away almost inmediately. On the other hand there are items which we’ve used until she’s outgrown them, much to our regret.

The trip to Amsterdam gave me many a sleepless night on how to deal with transportation within the city. Bikes would be best, but she’s too big for a regular children’s seat in the back and I’m not sure if she’d be comfortable enough to not try to get out of it, which would turn every ride into a nightmare.

Her regular stroller, the one we normally use in Tenerife, is big, heavy and bulky. I wouldn’t be able to strap it to a bike… It’s perfect for a car boot, but not for Amsterdam. So first we needed a new stroller, we bought a MacLaren Major which folds like a regular MacLaren, only it’s a bit bigger and can hold Dácil’s weight easily. It arrived 3 days before our trip… Tight but in time.

And here in Amsterdam we rented a bakfiets which seats Dácil perfectly, with the stroller and her rucksack.

Dácil loves the wind, the noise, the bumping around on uneven canals…

We asked a tourist at the Vondelpark to take a picture of the four of us.



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