Yone is an Amsterdammer

12 09 2016

Our two week stay in Amsterdam was like a brief visit to paradise for Yone. He spent the days remembering and recognising streets, friends, ferries, classmates, foods, sounds and smells.

Amsterdam has become to Yone an idyllic spot where he spent the happiest years of his life, a kind of Eden where he was banished from and where the sun always shines and the patat always tastes better than anywhere else.

His butt stopped hurting from cycling after 3 days, as predicted, and from then on he became completely confident on the bike, even at rush hour, through the Spiegelstraat, surrounded by tourists on yellow rental bikes.

We saw many friends. We missed many others. We had a great family vacation all in all. And incredible weather!

This was our first afternoon, upon arrival in nieuw west, waiting for the keys to our temporary home (head in lap):

In Michiels Fire Van on our way to the beach:

At De Zwaan:

With Joost & Max at Buro Kees, NDSM

With suikerpoederoom Dirk on the Amstel:

With cousin Casper:



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