Yone’s halfterm

31 12 2016

The British system has several important advantages over the Spanish school system. One of them is vacation. The summer holidays are shorter and Yone has a week off in November, right after Halloween and two weeks off in Easter, as opposed to one week for Spanish children.

Before I started working fulltime in the hotel, we’d always make the week after easter our family holiday and spend it on one of the other Canary Islands. This year I managed to get the November week off and we went to La Gomera. Dácil called in sick the whole week.

We rented an apartment in the south, Playa de Santiago and deliberately refrained from hiking, sightseeing and cultural outings. We basically focused on relaxing. Beach, food, boattrip along the coast, kolonisten. Bliss.


Merry Christmas from the Sosas

31 12 2016