Yone is Geocacher

28 12 2017

I was superficially introduced to geocaching two years ago through a hotel guest at work. I looked it up on the internet and even made an account. But forgot about it immediately.

A few months ago there were a couple of very enthusiastic geocachers staying at the hotel and we got talking… So I went back to the website, made an account and discovered I already had one. And I thought I might as well introduce Yone into the vast world of geocaching.

We installed the app on our phones and decided Madrid would be a nice place to start our adventure.

We never found our first target, but the second one was in a lovely spot, a small secluded garden which we were glad to have visited… Jorge, reluctant and grumpy, even found one for us (just to get the hell out of the place already…).

Good outdoor fun!




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