Yone’s gift

13 01 2018

Yone wanted his own computer. Something we initially found preposterous, but with time ended up embracing as we had to ask him to let us use our computer.

For his birthday in October we bought him a laptop.

He used it during a weekend and gave it back…


It wasn’t fast enough. It wasn’t strong enough. It didn’t have enough memory. It wasn’t any good.

Ok. So we cut a deal. He could get one he chose and we’d fund the amount we spent on laptop #1. He’d pay anything over that price.

Months went by. Christmas came. The three kings were in town.

Finally we took him to the store and the 3 kings decided to fund the whole thing combining it with his belated birthday present.


He is now the proud owner of an HP Omen… For gamers. With funky red lights under the keys.

One condition however: he needs to complete an online typing course. We did the first couple of lessons today: fjdksl




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