Yone’s with the Band

13 04 2017

He’s been fighting it for a long time. He didn’t want to enter the “big” band for fear of having to study difficult scores and having to practise the saxophone at home (God forbid)…

But this Easter we mamaged to convince him. And he’s been loving it! At last some good quality music, longer songs and more elaborate scores. 

His debut was a concert in the church: the presentation of the music which would be played during the processions of the Holy Week. Jorge and I sat in the audience, the whole band in their places, when suddenly Yone stands up from his place, walks forward, climbs onto de conductor’s platform and introduces the band asking for a big applause for the conductor, who then makes his appearance. 

And from then on it’s processions in the evenings. Just this week. Then they’ll be back to their usual non-sacred repertoire…

Yone plays with Dácil

3 04 2017

I’d like it to happen more often… However, some things can’t be forced and when they happen they are magical…

Dácil loves Indomie

1 04 2017

Just like her mummy. She loves pasta. She loves noodles. She is perfectly capable of eating properly with her fork but the pleasure of filling her whole mouth with lovely noodles wins every time.

Yone watched Land and Freedom

28 02 2017

And was impressed. Learned the words to the Internationale and found things around the house to dress up… Warning: this is NOT a carnival costume…

A Valentine family afternoon…

14 02 2017

Love, love and love to all!

Dácil & Furby

7 02 2017

Furby died. Last year. He was cuddled to death. Although Dácil would also get angry with him and toss him away, sending him flying through the living room, landing hard… He probably just gave up, exhausted. We didn’t replace him straight away as we were glad to be rid of his continuous furbish jabbering the same sentences constantly: a kind of gringo american spanish accent probably done by some underpaid chinese voice “actor”…

The three kings brought Dácil a new Furby. She hadn’t realized she’d missed him until she unwrapped the new one. Some improvements but mostly the same old gringo sentences and his bipolar disorder.

Dácil is glad Furby’s back. She learned to sign Furby in 10 minutes… (Same category as “sweet” and “ice cream”)

Dácil is 9!

22 01 2017

She just keeps on celebrating birthdays… And I’m starting to get used to the fact that she gets through the years in spite of many medical predictions during her first weeks. Who’d have imagined her 9th birthday when she was in hospital, between heart surgeries, full of tubes keeping her alive.

So many reasons to celebrate! And as mum has to work we’ll have a party some other day, and Dácil will have ice cream and presents twice!