Yone’s first Whopper

5 08 2016

I remember my first Whoppper.

It seems pretty daft, superficial, uninteresting, but I vividly remember eating my first Whopper.

I was 9. We were on holiday in Canada. We went to the wedding of my mother’s niece to which we, as it turned out, weren’t actually invited or even welcome for that matter. My mother’s uncle emigrated to Canada many years before and his daughter was getting married. We spent some time with him in Montreal and then moved on to Toronto to visit my father’s best friend who left Amsterdam  in the 50’s.

I can’t remember why we decided to eat at the Burger King, it must have been one of those exotic things to do as fast food and hamburgers had not settled yet in Dutch every day life.

I was completely overwhelmed by the taste, and so was my mother. My father was not impressed at all and we didn’t manage to talk him into stopping at the Burger King for a second time…

There is a Burger King outside the cinema here at the mall in La Orotava. Yone and I went to watch the BFG. One of our favourite Roald Dahls. We don’t go to the cinema very often. It’s quite expensive and all films are dubbed in Spanish. But its summer holidays, exeptions are made. And after the film Yone sunk his teeth into his first Whopper.



Yone has a phone

24 06 2016

He has been asking for one for over a year. We’ve been able to postpone… until today. We promised he could have one (my previous xperia ray, which still works perfectly) at the end of the schoolyear, so he could keep in touch with his classmates over the holidays. And next Monday he’s going on a 4 day schooltrip to Lanzarote (phones only allowed for an hour every day to say hello to parents). Now he can call us with his own phone.

I still think 11 is too young and that there is no point in having a phone when your parents drive you everywhere and keep up with appointments, dates and times. But everyone has a phone in his class. They have a whatsapp chat group… He and his friend Naser were the last of the phonelesshicans.

Anyhow… it feels like a new phase.

This is his whatsapp profile picture:


Yone and Ama LOVE arepas

31 05 2016

Sunday is a classic morning with Ama. Jorge usually works in Santa Cruz, he leaves before dawn and doesn’t get home until 4 pm. I usually work in the afternoon, from 3 to 11 pm. So Ama, Yone, Dácil and I go to church at 10 am (Yone is the altar boy) and then we have lunch somewhere in town.

Arepas are one of our favourites. It’s a typical Venezuelan dish, a flat, round patty made of corn dough, filled with meat, vegetables, eggs, cheese… and plenty of avocado sauce. Sunday bliss…

arepas con ama

Dácil at the farm

31 05 2016

Dácil visited a local farm with her class. They did all sorts of activities: horseback riding, making their own bread, touching (or squeezing) new born chicks…

As Dácil’s interpreter Bea only comes to school 3 days a week, they try to plan outdoor activities on days when she can join them. Dácil is the only special needs student with an external person around. And so Bea joins in the fun.

This is listening to and touching the chicks:





And with Bea making bread and signing ‘pan’ (bread)





Dácil and Yone having fun in the car

27 04 2016

Dácil absolutely adores her big brother. She enjoys his company thoroughly and they have a few special games together which Dácil doesn’t play with anyone else.

Here’s a rare fun bro/sis pic

dácil y yone en berling


Yone at his first concert

27 04 2016

Yone has been asking to come to a classical concert with a ‘big orchestra’ for some time now. Not that there is a lack of classical music in our family: he plays the saxophone in the local brass band, performing many times, even in the big concert hall in Santa Cruz. He sometimes comes to my concerts, we play a lot of music at home… But a concert at the Festival de Música de Canarias is special.

The yearly festival was celebrating its 32nd edition. We went to hear the Budapest Festival Orchestra, playing Brahms’ 1st piano concerto and Prokofiev’s 5th symphony. They treated us with a very special encore: all the members of the orchestra put down their instruments, took out a score and started singing a 4 voice Russian litany. Amazing.

For the occasion, Yone decided to wear a white shirt, a white waistcoat from his tails, with a silver pocket watch, apo’s favourite tie and a bowler hat.

concierto auditorio festival musica



Dácil’s most precious gift

27 04 2016

We had a great family reunion to celebrate Dácil’s birthday. Great weather, lunch in the garden… at some point we switched on the turntables, Jorge started spinning Santana, Yayo took out the drum, other family members found various percussion instruments and we gave Dácil a blast for a full hour. The sun set, it turned dark, and we didn’t even notice… I can’t think of a single thing that would make her happier.