Yone’s gift

13 01 2018

Yone wanted his own computer. Something we initially found preposterous, but with time ended up embracing as we had to ask him to let us use our computer.

For his birthday in October we bought him a laptop.

He used it during a weekend and gave it back…


It wasn’t fast enough. It wasn’t strong enough. It didn’t have enough memory. It wasn’t any good.

Ok. So we cut a deal. He could get one he chose and we’d fund the amount we spent on laptop #1. He’d pay anything over that price.

Months went by. Christmas came. The three kings were in town.

Finally we took him to the store and the 3 kings decided to fund the whole thing combining it with his belated birthday present.


He is now the proud owner of an HP Omen… For gamers. With funky red lights under the keys.

One condition however: he needs to complete an online typing course. We did the first couple of lessons today: fjdksl


Yone and Dácil wish everyone a Merry Christmas

28 12 2017

Yone is Geocacher

28 12 2017

I was superficially introduced to geocaching two years ago through a hotel guest at work. I looked it up on the internet and even made an account. But forgot about it immediately.

A few months ago there were a couple of very enthusiastic geocachers staying at the hotel and we got talking… So I went back to the website, made an account and discovered I already had one. And I thought I might as well introduce Yone into the vast world of geocaching.

We installed the app on our phones and decided Madrid would be a nice place to start our adventure.

We never found our first target, but the second one was in a lovely spot, a small secluded garden which we were glad to have visited… Jorge, reluctant and grumpy, even found one for us (just to get the hell out of the place already…).

Good outdoor fun!

Dácil gets a Dutch passport

9 12 2017

And so does Yone of course. They have both Spanish and Dutch citizenship, but only Spanish ID’s. The Dutch Consulate in Tenerife closed some years ago and now all Dutch citizens must travel to the embassy in Madrid to get documents. A 2,5 hour flight. Ridiculous.

Anyway, we thought we’d get the kids their passports and turn the trip into a long weekend Madrid for 4.

We stayed with our friends Toño and Azu in El Escorial and enjoyed two full days in the Capital. Barely enough to realize we must definitely do this again and stay longer.

In the train:

At the Flea Market:

Plaza de Sol:

Las 4 Torres where the Embassy is:

Gran Vía:

Yone’s next hike

7 12 2017

Yone’s half term vacation is the week after Halloween. He has the whole week off whereas Dácil only has the 1st of November off. All Saints is a national bank holiday. So on November 2nd, the day the catholics conmemorate their deceased loved ones and visit cemeteries, we went on a small hike along the North coast. We parked the car in San Juan de la Rambla and walked under a splendid sun and blue sky towards a naturally formed lava basin, the Charco del Viento, through lush banana plantations.

Yone celebrates teenagement

22 10 2017

Yone usually has friends over at home for his birthday. Garden, pool, pancakes… But this year he wanted to go to the Lago Martiánez. These are sea water swimmingpools right on the coast of our town. Weather predictions were good: hot and calima (sahara dust in the air usually combined with high temperatures)… Perfect for a pool day.

I must admit I was dreading the idea of chaperoning 8 teenagers and Dácil all by myself. But the good thing about relatively civilized teenagers is that they are quite capable of looking after themselves without annoying other swimmers (or mum for that matter).

Then there was the food issue: 13 and 14 year olds eat a lot. It is not allowed to take food into the complex, but I completely ignored that rule. I baked brownies the day before, American pancakes in the morning and took sausages, buns, ketchup, mustard etc for hot dogs. All of this and some juice and soda into a shopping trolley, past the guy with the tickets with a big smile and no questions asked.

Everybody had a great time! Mum had a mojito and even read a few chapters. Dácil swam which is the equivalent of total bliss, and the boys enjoyed their day.

Yone 13!

9 10 2017

Conversation yesterday: I love you mum. I love you too Yone. Even though at times you’d wish you could stick me behind the wallpaper? Yes. Of course. In spite of that. Good thing we don’t have wallpaper… He’s officially a teenager now. Happy 13th! I always love you one more than you love me!